My name is Eric McGrew and by nature, I’m a designer. My interest are photography, painting, digital arts, sculpting, furniture making, and hand made prints. I attended 2 yrs at Art Institute of Atlanta, and have worked designing everything from pylon signage to business cards. My influences are based on the small town up-bringing I had in Texas and Georgia. Specifically, designs of the mid-century era are what inspire me most. Good design though, is always an appreciated aspect of life, and I find inspiration in many forms and genres.

I work in many forms. Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, and Furniture Making are what I work at most. My joys come from any kind of design work. For these reasons, I enjoy doing jobs for small and large projects. I’ve always appreciated opportunities to express visually challenging topics for others.

If you are interested in any of my works or would like to consider me for a special project, please contact me at amidstmod@yahoo.com.


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