Lazy But Not Lost

So, as it goes with life, I’ve been a bit lazy with my camera lately. I’ve gotten a bit tired of taking photos of nature, expecialy the same nature, over and over, and I’ve not had the time to get with anyone to do model or theme shoots. This, therefore, frustrates me with my photography, and I let my camera fall to the wayside. 

However, I’ve not gone so far as to not take photos at all. In fact, I’ve been trying to expand my understanding of how iphones capture images. Many may ask… “Why would you waist time on that? Truth is though, iphones can be the most powerful camera you may have on you at the time. If something happens and you didn’t think you’d need your nice camera, well… you better be ready to use what you got. This has actually happened to me too.

One instance is when we went to a family gathering and I didn’t expect anything interesting to happen. Clearly, my wifes family is GREAT, but… most of the time, we just sit around and joke and talk. Well, this time my wifes aunts brought some vintage clothing for my wife to try on. In fact, they brought my wifes grandmothers cheerleading outfit. So, of course I was kicking myself for not having brought my camera. All I had was my iphone, and I had to use it, or loose that opurtinity for life.

So, here you’ll see just a few photos that I’ve take on my iphone in the hopes of understanding this common but powerful tool better. As my Father-in-law always tells me: “The best camera there is, is the one you have with you.”, and he’s right too. Oh yeah… I like to mention that with these test, I’m only editing with apps that I have on the phone already. Plus, any cropping that has occured, came from the app, and not from any modification that I’ve done. 

 IMG_2392 IMG_2396 IMG_2401 IMG_2400 IMG_3042 IMG_3034 IMG_3037 IMG_2335 IMG_2333 photo-56 photo-55 photo-54 photo-52 photo-51 photo-49 photo-50 photo-48 photo-47 IMG_2632 IMG_2632-1 photo-46 photo-45 photo-43 IMG_2730 photo-40 IMG_2725-2 IMG_2725 image IMG_2646


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