Shun… It’s more than just a knife / Shun… Mas que un simple cuchillo

Here are 3 images of my Shun knife. Really this started out as taking photos of my latest creation, the cutting board. However, that quickly turned into practicing a little creative product photography also. In the end, I decided to add in a little contrast with the table I just finished. So you have the following:

Shun knife – Incredible knife

Some bread that’s probably stale now

Cutting board that cost me a bit of flesh with the electric plainer

My dining table that was previously shown in the, in process stage, on the post “All A Bunch Of Rot”

Aquí son 3 imagines de mi cuchillo Shun.  Originalmente mi idea fue a sacar fotos de la tabla de corte que había hecho. Sin embargo, eso cambio rápidamente para ser una sección de fotografía de productos. En el fin, decidí a añadir un poco contraste con la mesa del comedor que termine de recién. Entonces, todo fue como lo siguiente:

Cuchillo Shun- El Cuchillo Increíble

Algún pan que seguramente es muy duro ahora

Tabla de corte me costo un poco cuero en el proceso

La mesa del comedor que había mostrado previamente en el estado de, en proceso, en mi post “All A Bunch Of Rot” (Todo un montón de Podrido).

The original / El Original



Full page Shun Ad / Propaganda (Ad) para Shun pagina llena (Fake (fun) ad /Falso (para divertirme)



Second concept / Segundo Concepto


Just so there is no confusion, these ads are ads that I did just for fun. These are not paid designs from Shun. However, if Shun would like me to do so ad work for them, just let me know.

Esos ads son para mi diversión. Ellos no so diseños pedido por Shun. Sin embargo, si Shun tendría enteres en mi haciendo algún trabajo para ellos, solo tiene que avisarme.



6 thoughts on “Shun… It’s more than just a knife / Shun… Mas que un simple cuchillo

    • There are a couple reasons. Of course these are just my opinion and I’m not saying there aren’t better knifes. However, the balance of these knives are great. They are well designed in the blade, so that every rock or cut makes a solid contact. The blades (supposedly of Samurai Sword honing methods) keep a very sharp edge, and they have very comfortable handles.

      Of course some people say that they are over priced, but I’ve paid for the $50-$100 knives before, and for the extra 50-100 $ I say these will last a lot longer and are well worth the cost.

      • Just remember, if it’s at least a decent knife, then it should last you a long time. Not constantly trying to cut that tomato skin or onion skin, or not having to fight that incredible tough nerve in raw meat just makes cooking more enjoyable. That’s what the Shun knife has done for me. So, I highly recommend them.

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