Getting To Know Me

Hi, my name is Eric McGrew. I’m known to some as the author of, and as Jem N Tonic on facebook. Originally amidstmod was a blog to be equally split between my Mid-Century inspired art and info on mcm interests. As time has gone on, I’ve found that I have many more interest than just the Mid-Century Modern era. Still, most things that I do have an influence of the vintage past.

Some of the things that I practice with great interest are painting, photography, woodworking (furniture making/sculpting/turning), illustration, graphic design, and hand printing. In all of the genres, I find that there are subjects and projects that don’t specifically fit the MCM theme. Therefore, I have decided to start this blog to share a wider range of my works with any who might want to see them.

I really hope that you enjoy all that you see. As always, I’m proud to have any of my promoted. I just ask that you use my art respectively and give me full credit. Also, please don’t attempt to profit from my work. After all, I’m the one who designed and created it, so ask me before trying to sell my art.

Thank, Eric M.


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